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GridLinks pieces are made for engineers and inventors.  All  pieces are designed for open-ended creativity.  Because the pieces fit together, each set you buy will build on your other sets.  Think of GridLinks as a blank canvas for mechanical inventors.

Hands on Thinking Pieces

Instantly become an engineer, by playing with the versatile, simple, sophisticated GridLinks.

Premium Prototyping Kit -- Manual Intentionally NOT Included

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Manual Intentionally Left Out.

True Innovation Never Comes With a Guide.
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The Features Are Perfect for Thinkers

Build Your Own Mechanical Robot

Because the pieces can be put together in so many ways, you can design your own flexible robot.

Adapts to Other Building Hobbies

The 1/4 20″ UNC thread is of GridLinks is the most versatile thread size in the world.  You can use your off the shelf components with GridLinks.

Build Up, Down or Sideways

You can build on your GridLinks Beams from any side, providing for the utmost inventing and educating potential.

The Chance to Design Your Own Toys

Because GridLinks allows the rigidity of nut and bolt building, young people can design their own toy prototypes.  It is the perfect opportunity to engineer actual products, in a fun still sophisticated way.

Modern Spatial Learning Lessons to Compliment  Your Young Engineer’s GridLinks

Your 12 year old is told to design a motorcycle.

You tell her it needs a stable center of gravity.  You lay these pieces in front of her…

She Throws Together a Design

But, she quickly finds that the taller her motorcycle, the more unstable it is.  You have the opportunity to discuss the center of gravity with her.  Use our free blog to explain engineering principle.

She Wisely Decides on a Low Center of Gravity

When she was in class, it hadn’t really clicked why the center of gravity needs to be low for stability.  But, with this spatial learning toy, the young engineer can easily explain terms like base of support and stability.  Her motorcycle design has reached its potential.  Well done, educator.

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